the enabler - Process communication model

During our combined well over 50 years in the field, we have come across a plethora of tools and models. Many of them were good, some were excellent. But none of them told us how to apply them to real human beings in the real world. Even the widely used personality profiles taught us something about ourselves and sometimes about others, but did little beyond creating awareness for the fact that people were indeed different.

With the Process Communication Model® we have found a way to bridge that gap and get very specific. We consider it to be the next step in Leadership efficacy.


What is pcm®

tool kit

At DalhoeferLauper, we offer a variety of PCM solutions, purpose-built for the situation. Each of them starts with an individual PCM Profile for the participating individual(s):

2 hour 1-to-1 debriefing of your individual PCM Profile

1 day workshop to enhance self-management

1 day workshop to optimize sales

2 day workshop to enhance high performing teams

2 day workshop to enhance top management performance

2 day workshop to optimize sales procedures and improve client relations

2-3 day signature PCM fundamentals workshop (open enrolment and in-house)

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) enables you to improve every relationship you have with others - both business-related or private. 

It has the potential to boost effectiveness and efficiency of your interactions, increase the quality of work, raise customer satisfaction, enhance team dynamics, increase profitability as well as resilience. Relationships will evolve and with that, your own quality of life and the one of those around you thanks to reduced negative stress.

PCM is the world’s leading personality and communication tool that is based on human behaviour.  It is the only model that originated from behavioural observation. Developed in the 1970’s, it has since been used by NASA, clients from all corners of the business world, hospitals, schools, and last but not least former President Bill Clinton.


PCM is a toolkit that enables you to...

... observe and understand your own behaviour and preferences andtherefore manage your resources effectively;

... observe, understand, and predict the behaviour of others and know how to communicate with them efficiently and effectively in any situation;

... analyse conflict and miscommunication, and return to productive communication.