what drives us


We think helping businesses achieve their long-term goals and strategies is incredibly inspiring, a process of intense dialogue, personal discovery and exchange of ideas that is challenging, yet immensely gratifying. 

A great deal of attention befalls a company’s most valuable asset, its employees. By understanding an employee’s social and intercultural abilities, often, unknown problems can be solved, hidden potentials tapped, while improving effectiveness, increasing personal enjoyment in the workplace and, ultimately, strengthening the brand relationship.


The basis for all our projects is our integrity, our promise to commit ourselves fully to the task we accept, approaching each project with the highest degree of honesty, dedication and quality leadership. We are accustomed to it. We also believe in chemistry between partners, as each client is unique as we are and we deem a balanced client relationship as crucial in building a long-term, trusted relationship. 

We believe this credo gives us distinct advantage.


In an age challenged by megatrends, climate change, financial and human crises we see sustainability as our personal commitment and our corporate responsibility. It defines our strategy.

We hold human relationships in very high regard and we consider this principle the essence of our success. It makes us to a reliable, fair and motivated partner bringing long-term added value
by helping companies balance their economical and social sustainability.  

We are authentic 

What you see is what you get. We have no hidden agenda.

We think forward. We look, we listen. We are curious. We are openminded, at times old school prudent, at times unconventional, to add a touch of rebellion.

We are knowledge hungry and eager to learn. For us, the learning process never stops and what we know, we pass on to the benefit of others because knowledge is nothing if not shared.

Best of glocal 

It is in our nature to look around us. Our cultures have taught us to value dialogue, respect different opinions and beliefs, share ideas, explore unknown territory.

Our heritage encouraged us to venture out into the world, discover different cultures, meet and work with amazing people. These experiences provided us powerful, deep intercultural understanding, a crucial strength and unique advantage. 

We combine the best of our worlds: classic Swiss discretion, patience and creative diplomacy with German perseverance, boldness and precision to succeed.