Beat Lauper

Beat is, together with Torsten, founding member of DalhoeferLauper. With more than 30 years of experience as a leader, as well as a trainer Beat is well-known and respected at the highest management levels in the corporate world. He believes in organizational effectiveness through strong leadership performance based on shared values and his programmes focus heavily on experiential learning encouraging behavioural change.

For many years Beat has worked as Global Head of Learning and Development for global market leaders in the banking and insurance industry delivering learning interventions for mid- and top-level management and leadership. Prior to that he worked in academia setting up an Advanced Masters Programme with university and think tank affiliations in the UK and the US.

Concurrently Beat served in the Swiss Armed Forces for 18 years - holding the rank of a Colonel General Staff - and attended the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, and the NATO Defense College, gaining crucial experience in the leadership and management of groups of up to several thousands of people.

With strategic vision, he approaches issues in an organisation from all sides and levels taking into account the human involvement, while keeping a clear focus on the bigger picture. A creative and critical thinker, he manages to find solutions quickly and create meaningful, sustainable results.

Socially conscious and empathetic, Beat knows how to connect people and create an atmosphere for development. He’s a natural, enigmatic speaker and he can spellbind an audience with his composed, sharp-witted and entertaining style.

The DalhoeferLauper team revolves around Beat’s charismatic persona, that exudes the natural leadership, that can be expected from someone with a rich past as his. He is a perfect host and true people person, both in professional life and in private. Together with Torsten, he also assumes social responsibility by supporting The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the Kenyan sanctuary for elephant orphans.