Torsten Dalhoefer

Torsten is, together with Beat, founding member of DalhoeferLauper. German-born, he possesses a balanced, admirable set of professional skills and social qualities, that are a sought-after combination in the field of Leadership and Organisational Development.

Well-read and highly trained with a wealth of experience amassed over the past 20 years, he worked as a consultant and facilitator for large organisations, SMEs and multinational corporations active in the banking, logistics and insurance industry.

Torsten’s touch is a fine blend of razor-sharp analytical skills and genuine passion for people. In the challenging world of professional environments, involving strategic decision-making processes on one side and human emotional responses on the other, Torsten skillfully balances both sides, using critical opinion combined with deep understanding of the human perspective. With his mindset Torsten successfully helps clients to connect the dots.

His commitment in his professional life to improving organisations reflects in his private life, as well. With his usual critical eye, he concerns himself with our planet, its well-being and events that affect it. He duly assumes responsibility for it: for many years Torsten has been involved with the sponsorship and preservation of African elephants and gorillas, that are threatened with extinction.

For the talented team DalhoeferLauper have assembled, Torsten’s value lies in his profound knowledge, quick wit and an extreme eye for detail without losing sight of the bigger picture and the customer’s needs. 

In addition, Torsten is an outstanding project manager and troubleshooter. He complements the team’s competencies perfectly and he is instrumental in bringing the team’s excellence to another level.